In August 2014, the "National Road Project" was launched as part of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi program, which aims to create new roads of 3,300 km length with a total cost of about E£36 bn. The Ministry of Transport represented by the General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport shall execute about 1,300 km at a cost of E£17 bn. The Ministry of Housing represented by the Central Agency for Reconstruction shall execute another 800 km. The two organizations will be funded from the public purse through the National Investment Bank (NIB). The Armed Forces shall carry out the remaining lengths of about 1,200 km.

NIB contributes in financing this project, following up its implementation, reporting all comments and recommendations, and solving all the obstacles facing it.

This project is one of the greatest achievements realized in the history of the Egyptian roads, as it aims to achieve sustainable development through:

- Integrating this network with the existing networks of railways and river transport

- Creating logistics areas to achieve a sustainable transport system.

- Contributing to the expansion of population and development area of ​​Egypt out of the narrow valley, to prosper the Red Sea coast and the western desert. This will lead to establish new urban cities attractive for jobs, housing and accommodation to absorb population growth in densely populated areas.

- Helping to achieve optimal exploitation of the national wealth of Egypt, such as mining and tourism

- Saving about 23-27 percent of the flight times within the Republic.

- Serving the agricultural development areas in all governorates.